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A Day In The Life of Our Floral Designer

A Day In The Life of Our Floral Designer

As a floral designer, the best part about my job is getting to visit our flower farms. I’ll head down there to source new flowers, get to know the farmers, and find inspiration for creating new bouquets.

My days spent traveling to the farm are never the same, but I thought I’d take you through one of my most recent trips to Bogota, Colombia.

Day 1
7:00 am - I wake up at my hotel in downtown Bogota and get a quick bite to eat and a cortado with some of my co-workers.


8:00 am - One of our partners from the farms picks us up from the hotel and we drive out to Gascuña, a flower farm located about 45-minutes from the city.

10:00 am - What should be a quick drive turned out to be 2 hours! And I thought L.A.’s traffic was bad...

10:15 am - As we tour the farm, we get to see all of the new colors of scabiosas they’re growing and currently testing. We’re only a few minutes in and I’m already envisioning how to use the flowers in our upcoming bouquets.


12:00 pm - It’s lunchtime for us and the staff. After lunch, some of the farmers take a quick break for an afternoon soccer match.


1:00 pm -  Our tour continues and we get to meet an agronomist (basically a flower scientist), who talks about the new flowers and the quality standards they put in place for every stem.


2:00 pm - As I walk around, I come across a couple new flowers I’ve never seen before. Turns out they’re actually brand new flowers that haven’t even been named yet!


10:00 am - Today we headed to Secreto, another farm outside Bogota, that’s currently growing a variety of flowers including tiny piccolini gerbera daisies.


11:00 am - Our team heads down to the bouqueteria on the farm. This is where the farm assembles some of the bouquets I designed during a past visit..


12:00 pm - At the bouqueteria, I learn how the farmers inspect every stem for quality, size, and length before they make their way into a bouquet.

1:00 pm - After seeing so many flowers and interacting with the farmers, I’m inspired to start designing upcoming bouquets for our new collections.


3:00 pm - We had some time before our flight back, so we headed to a market called Pasaje Rivas to get some props for our photo studio back in DC. This market is full of beautiful handmade baskets, hats, and intricate textiles everywhere you look.

9:00 pm - Time to head home! It was a quick trip, but every time I visit one of our farms I come back knowing so much more about our flowers and the incredible farmers we rely on every day.

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