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Bumble x UrbanStems - How To Host Your Hive Party

Bumble x UrbanStems - How To Host Your Hive Party

We believe that meaningful conversation can spark meaningful change. It's why we partnered with our friends at Bumble for International Women's Day and created a limited-edition deck of 52 cards found in The Hive. While you can certainly play a game of solitaire with these cards, you can also have a chat with friends you won't soon forget.


Every card in the deck has a fun or insightful question to help drive the conversation. Examples include:

  • What's your biggest fear?
  • What are your professional goals in the next year? 
  • What ability do you want to have?

With every Hive you'll also receive our Bumble bouquet and vase. Place your sunny flowers at your table along with your new cards facing top down. After a question has been thoroughly answered, allow a new person in the group to draw another card. 


In order to through any good party, we believe some good music and a little wine can go a long way. Play some empowering music (we dropped in one of our fave playlists below) and craft a cocktail, mocktail, or simply pour your go-to wine.  

The First-Time-Valentine Playlist

The First-Time-Valentine Playlist